[Summer 2021] 5 best above the ground swimming pool

1./ Summer Waves 15ft x 36in Quick Set Inflatable Above Ground Swimming Pool with Filter Pump

  • EASY SET-UP: The Summer Waves above ground 15 foot x 36 inch pool is easy to set up and is ready for water in 10 minutes with a filter pump. Made for ages 6 and up
  • DURABLE: The super tough sidewalls made with 3-ply materials is puncture-resistant and durable filter pump to keep the water crystal clear and clean
  • FEATURES: The pump features GFCI to ensure safety of all the swimmers and the filter pump provides improved circulation and filtration for improved water clarity
  • CAPACITY: The pool can fit up to 4 people and is perfect for adults and kids and holds up at 2,640 gallons of water when 90-percent full
  • PRODUCT INFO: The dimensions of the pool are (L x W x H): 15 x 15 x 3 feet. Includes RX600 filter pump, chlorinator, and a D filter cartridge. Air pump is not included

2./14ft Elite Frame Pool with Filter Pump, Cover, and Ladder

  • Beat the heat in this Summer Waves Elite Frame Pool. Equipped with a powerful GFCI skimmer filter system, cover and step ladder, this stylish pool with mosaic print has everything you need for endless fun. Just add water, and the entire family will be cool and comfortable all season long. Summer Waves Elite 14′ x 42″ Premium Frame Above Ground Swimming Pool: Extra strong oval-shaped frame tube to last season after season Snap-in design for quick and easy setup Stylish liner with interior mosaic tile print SkimmerPlus SFX1000 Filter Pump conveniently attaches to sidewall to prevent tripping Includes GFCI plug, Type C filter cartridge, SureStep ladder and pool cover Recommended to replace filter cartridge on Summer Waves frame pool every 2 weeks

3./ Coleman Power Steel Deluxe Series 18’ x 48” Metal Frame Round Above Ground Pool Set with Filter Pump, Ladder & Pool Cover

  • Size: 18 ft. x 48 in. (5.49 m x 1.22 m)
  • Water Capacity (90%): 6,092 gal. (23,062 L)
  • Tritech enhanced 3-ply liner is durable and puncture-resistant
  • Corrosion resistant steel frame is held together with our Seal & Lock System to provide remarkable strength and connection
  • Contents: 1 pool, 1 filter pump (compatible with Type III cartridge), 1 ladder, 1 pool cover

Kick off the summer with an above ground pool in your backyard, ready to swim and splash the day away! This 18′ x 48″ Coleman Power Steel Above Ground Pool is easy to set up and built to last. The durable, corrosion-resistant steel frame is equipped with our Seal & Lock System for a sturdy and secure frame connection. The Tritech liner is made of durable material that is reinforced for strength and puncture-resistance. Plus, the outside of the liner is printed with a realistic stone pattern to seamlessly fit into your beautiful backyard. Additional Features This above ground pool set also comes stocked with a filter pump, a ladder, and a pool cover. Your family will love spending the day in this Power Steel pool!

4./ Tyaise 12 ft X 30 Quick Set Inflatable Above Ground Pool. Inflatable Swimming Pools for Kids, Adults and Family. Top Ring Pool Easy to Setup in Backyard and Outdoor (Air Pump+ 600gal Filter Included)

  • 🐳【HIGH QUALITY POOL FOR FAMILY】Our inflatable pool for adults and kids is thicker and more durable than other pool pumps above ground pools. Built-in drain plug makes it easy to drain water and water.
  • 🌈【PERFECT SIZE POOL】The size of our above ground swimming pools is 12FT X 30IN and the pool capacity is 1421gal, which can hold 8-10 people perfectly. And above ground pool pump and filter will be included.
  • 🏖【EASY TO INSTALL】All you need to do is lay the adults kids swimming pool flat on the floor, install the hose and filter pump, and then fill the top ring with air.
  • 🌊【DURABLE AND REUSE】Our pool is made of high-quality materials, which is environmentally friendly. Big pool won’t fade or tear. Easy to fold and stash up for reuse the following summer.
  • NOTE: Please contact us directly for any questions about how to setup the pool. If you have any issues feel free to send us message and we will resolve it ASAP! Have fun using our pool and enjoy the summer!

5./Above Ground Swimming Pools Clearance 12 x 30 – Big Pool Swimming Pool for Kids and Adults – Large Pool Inflatable Pools for Adults Outdoor Pools for Backyard with Filter & Air Pump

  • 🏊‍♀️Swimming Pools Above Ground :Our inflatable swimming pools come with a electric air pump so that you can use it to fill your pool with air unlike those manual pumps.You just align the air outlet of the electric pump with the air inlet of the swimming pool and then plug in. After 2-3 minutes it will be inflated.Then fill the outdoor pools above ground with water,enjoy the summer fun with your famlies!
  • 🏊‍♀️Premium Material: Our above ground swimming pool is made of high-quality environmental protection PVC material.It’s a environmental protection and harmless material which can provides structural integrity. It’s tear-resistant and won’t fade overtime to sun exposure. You can enjoy the large pool with your family on the flat ground of the backyard every summer.
  • 🏊‍♀️Simple Construction & Save Space: When you want to use this above ground pool, our indoor & outdoor pool can be inflated quickly and is very easy to set up. You can use the adult swimming pools above ground integrated drain valve for drainage after use, and the pools for adults can be easily dismantled and stored to save space.
  • 🏊‍♀️Summer Enjoyment: The round pools for backyard have high quality.You worth to have one in the hot summer as it can be used every summer!!! It’s the ultimate pool for backyard convenience with minimal setup! Great for families with younger children.With this adult blow up pool, you will have unlimited fun! Come buy it and use our above ground swimming pools with your families!
  • 🏊‍♀️Capacity:Our swimming pool for family is about 12ft*30 in.It need about 1757 gallons of water.It can allow 6-8 people in it,perfect for a family use.If you have any question,you can feel free to contact us.All email will be reply within 24 hours.

Choosing guide

Flexible above ground pools

Firstly, you will find round inflatable pools that can be assembled in a few hours and dismantled in winter. Then there are the self-supporting pools made up of an inflatable top liner that floats up when the pool is filled with water: costing between 20 and 300 euros, these round models can be up to one metre high and again can be assembled and dismantled quickly. The last option is tubular pools with a liner that rests on metal tubes: “These pools are more resistant than self-supporting models that can end up bursting in the long term,” explains Grégory Herbaut, swimming pool product manager at Castorama. They are increasingly attracting customers looking for a pool that is easy to assemble, affordable (they start at less than 100 euros, a 5-metre rectangular pool is worth around 1000 euros) and do not require a concrete screed, all you need to do is protect the ground.

Rigid above ground pool models

In ascending order of price, steel pools lead the way (from 700 to more than 2000 euros for very large pools of 7 metres). Composed of a rollable steel wall fixed to steel posts, they come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and are more solid than the flexible ones, for good value for money. To install these pools, you can still be satisfied with a stabilised ground, such as a flat bed of sand.

Natural or composite wood pools have many fans, both for their aesthetic appeal and their warmth. They were very fashionable ten years ago, but then sales occasionally ran out of steam, as the quality of the products was not always up to scratch,” continues Grégory Herbaut. This is no longer the case: the models are all made of class IV wood (adapted to humidity) and guaranteed for 10 years, which means that they are back in favour. Most of the models are made of softwood (pine, fir) treated in autoclave to avoid rotting, others are made of oak or exotic wood such as teak: very aesthetic, they nevertheless require a certain amount of maintenance to avoid greying, with the application of a woodstain every year. Wooden pools are increasingly in demand,” confirms Gilles Mouchiroud, a Desjoyaux specialist, a company renowned for its expertise in in-ground and above-ground pools. They combine aesthetics, quality (they are perfectly self-supporting), great resistance and ease of installation. We deliver them in a complete kit (structure, liner, filtration) with instructions that make it easy to assemble them at home. All that is required is a level surface and therefore a concrete floor to install them safely, as well as an electrical supply. The price of wooden pools varies according to the volume of the pool, the quality of the wood and the finish: it ranges from 1,500 euros for softwood models to 7 or 8,000 euros for exotic wood models. Prices can go up to 15,000 euros for custom-made pools.

More recently, concrete pools are made up of vibrated concrete panels that are very solid. Among the few distributors is Castorama: “This year, we have developed rectangular pools made of ribbed concrete with a wood look, for a superb aesthetic. The concrete planks are inserted into metal pillars for a very solid pool, which is installed on a concrete screed and can even be buried. Prices start at 5,000 euros and can reach 9,000 euros, for a 7.5 x 3 m pool.”

An above-ground pool with a thick enough liner

“It is better to opt for a complete kit which includes the structure to be assembled, the liner, the filtration and a ladder, advises Gilles Mouchiroud. At Desjoyaux, we also supply an electrical programming box that controls the filtration time. You will have everything at hand and above all, the brands size the liner and the filtration according to the size of the pool and its volume of water”. However, you should know that the thickness of the liner (a flexible and often blue fabric that lines the inside of the pool) is important for the resistance of your future pool. It is expressed in hundredths and the higher the figure, the stronger the liner. Liners of 20/100ths (small inflatable pools in particular) are the least resistant to tearing and wear and tear. A liner of 70 to 80/100ths can last 10 years (all are guaranteed for two years). The plus? A floor mat that will protect the liner and improve comfort.

The quality of the filtration for the above ground pool

Smaller pools are often equipped with cartridge filters, which require little maintenance apart from changing the cartridges. Larger pools are often fitted with sand filters, which have a higher flow rate and are more resistant than the former but require more maintenance and do not filter very small particles. Some companies, such as Desjoyaux, have developed other exclusive systems: “We equip our above-ground pools with patented filter bags that filter impurities down to only 6 microns. This is a real plus for the consumer with completely clean water for swimming”.

Good to know

As long as the pool does not exceed 20 m, you do not have to make a declaration to the town hall. In addition, as above-ground pools are supposed to be removable, you are not obliged to protect access to them as with in-ground pools

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