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Weber grills are legendary and very popular. The grills not only have a well thought-out design, they are also particularly stable and durable. The choice of different models is very large, as are the grill accessories.

At a glance

Who doesn’t think of a Weber Grill when they hear the word grill? The American ball grill is very well known among grill fans. Whether as charcoal, gas or electric grill, it conquered the world of barbecue in no time. Who would have thought what could become of two buoys with lids? With a Weber grill the party can get started.

What is a Weber Grill?

Weber is the inventor of the portable ball grill. The first charcoal grill with a lid was created from a ship’s buoy. In the land of the barbecue, the USA, people used to grill on permanently installed grills made of bricks. The legendary kettle grill became a bestseller, and Weber Grill stands for innovative design. The product range has been continuously expanded and today includes charcoal barbecues, gas barbecues and electric barbecues. Common to all Weber grills is the practical lid.

Top product: Weber 1221004 Charcoal grill Compact Kettle, diameter 47 cm, black, ball grill


  • Innovative design from the USA
  • High quality processing
  • Long service life
  • Practical lid for indirect grilling
  • Reliable, well thought-out technology
  • Weber Grill Academy with grill courses

A Weber Grill is not cheap, quality has its price.

Charcoal or gas grill, which is better?
This is a special topic that divides barbecue fans. Charcoal is the best choice for barbecue enthusiasts because of the special smoke aroma that is produced when grilling over beech wood. You can also create this aroma with charcoal chips on gas barbecues. One argument against this is that cheap charcoal is often made from tropical wood. Charcoal barbecues smoke and if handled incorrectly, substances harmful to health can be produced, e.g. when fat drips into the charcoal.

With a gas barbecue there is no need for a long pre-barbecue. You can get started faster. Your neighbours will be pleased that no clouds of smoke are drawn over to them. The gas barbecue is quickly lit at the touch of a button and the food is ready in no time. Taste tests have shown that most people could not tell the difference between meat and charcoal grill.

Which Weber grills are available?

There are several product series at Weber. The grills Go Anywhere and Smokey Joe are suitable for camping and picnics due to their small grill surface. Grills of the Q-series are small, transportable gas grills for at home and on the road.

Quite new are the grills of the Original Kettle Series, a variation of the kettle grill. These are charcoal barbecues with one-touch cleaning system, barbecues on charcoal with more comfort. Charcoal barbecues of the Performer series are very powerful. They have a folding grill grid, one-touch cleaning system and a side table.

The Spirit is considered a classic among Weber grills. The gas barbecues are available with two or three burners and offer pure grilling pleasure. Grills from the Genesis / Summit series offer an entire outdoor kitchen. The Genesis grills are available with two, three, four or even six burners, the grills from the Summit series offer grilling at the highest level. No wishes remain unfulfilled here!

What should I consider when buying a Weber grill?

Weber grills are available in many sizes and shapes from the small ball grill to the large barbecue station. Please note the exact dimensions of the grill. Where would you like to place it? How much space do you have available? Barbecues with castors can be placed in another place like the garage or garden shed after use.

You can choose between a spherical grill, a small rectangular grill or rectangular grill stations. Think about the purpose for which you use the barbecue. Do you want to take the grill with you and grill on the road? Then the small transport grills are something for you. They are powered by charcoal or gas. If you prefer to barbecue at home, you can also flirt with a larger model or a grill station.

You can grill with charcoal to enjoy the typical barbecue aroma. If you want to avoid billows of smoke, choose a gas barbecue or an electric barbecue. Which type of grill is your favourite?

Depending on size and function, the weight also varies. Portable grills should be rather light, like the smallest mobile gas grill from Weber, the Weber Q 1000 Titan. It only weighs 10 kilograms. If you are grilling at home, the weight is rather unimportant, as the grills have castors and can therefore be pushed away. In the professional segment a grill can also weigh over 132 kg, like the Weber Grill Genesis II E-310.

Interesting extras such as revolving spits, grill plates for pancakes, fried eggs or seafood, grill baskets for fish and fine vegetables or special holders for poultry or spare ribs can be purchased separately to many grills. The accessories can be used for the larger grills.

How do I clean a Weber Grill?

The grill is set at maximum temperature to burn off the last bits of food. Any residues can then be brushed off the hot grill grate with a grill brush.

After each use, pull out the grease collection tray and dispose of the grease in an environmentally friendly manner. This protects you from dangerous fat fires. Clean the outer parts of the grill with a damp cloth using a special grill cleaner.

Weber offers good instructions for handling its grills. The explanations are illustrated by videos. Further tips for cleaning grills can be found in individual blogs and forums on the subject of barbecuing and in the manufacturer’s instructions.

How much does a good Weber Grill cost?

A good Weber grill may cost a little more than the cheap grills you find everywhere. But they are more robust and last longer. According to customer recommendations there is no rust on the grill even after years. You can already buy a cheap Weber grill for the price of 125.00 Euros, as the price winner, Weber 1321004 Compact Kettle, shows.

A professional Weber Grill costs a little more, namely 1169.90 Euro. The grill of the new Genesis II series does not only inspire dyed-in-the-wool grilling fans. The other Weber grills are between these prices. From time to time goods are reduced and you will find reduced Weber Grills as an offer in the online shop.

Who is the manufacturer Weber Grill?

Weber-Stephen Products LLC, is based in Palatine, Illinois. It all began with a homemade ball grill, which George Stephen assembled from two buoys. In 1952 he invented the round barbecue smoker, which conquered the whole world from the USA.

Away from permanently installed grills made of bricks, towards mobile ball grills, which also made indirect grilling possible, was the motto. Now you can grill in the rain through the lid and no ashes fall on your clothes. Weber grills are innovative, robust and durable.

Meanwhile, there are also Weber grill restaurants in the USA. Weber sells barbecues for charcoal, gas and electric grills as well as all the accessories. The company offers barbecue courses with Weber grill masters at the Grill Academy and produces barbecue books.

We have collected information for you about the important criteria. Think about what is important for you before you buy. Descriptions of the individual Weber models can be found further up in the text. Choose between our performance winner, the Weber Grill Genesis II E-310, which simply offers everything, the price winner or one of the other Weber grills.

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