Weber Go : test and review.

For a picnic, it is not necessary to carry a lot of things. Sobriety and discretion in these instances are highly sought-after, especially when one is among friends or seeking intimacy with family.

This also applies to the meal to be taken. Many people prefer quickly prepared dishes such as grilled and roasted meats that are hot and melt-in-the-mouth. In this case, the use of a barbecue is required.

So, how do you move a barbecue from the house to the picnic site? It is now possible to do this without difficulty, thanks to the Weber Go-Anywhere gas model. A complete and detailed opinion will be given to you on this revolutionary product.

The master key to barbecues!

The Weber Go-anywhere gas barbecue has been designed to accompany its user wherever he wishes. A sturdy and very solid looking cooking appliance, it is not one of those that spoils itself on the first try.

Its exterior cladding, which is entirely made of enamelled steel, amply justifies the concern for solidity and durability. Ergonomically designed, this device is easy to carry thanks to its nylon handle reinforced with fiberglass.

Oval in shape, its measures are 43 cm in length, 44 cm in height and 27 cm in depth. Very practical, easy to use, it uses propane gas as a power source and its power is 2.1 KW.
With the Weber Go-anywhere gas barbecue you can achieve excellent cooking results in any way. However, direct cooking is recommended for meats and indirect cooking for smaller, more delicate foods.

Its lid is made of enamelled steel and it has two removable feet for balance and stability on the ground. Unlike other barbecue models, it is very light. The total weight of the Weber Go-anywhere gas barbecue is 7 kg.

Whether cooking is direct or indirect, the barbecue ensures good cooking thanks to its lid. Indeed, the barbecue lid plays two essential roles when closed.

First of all, it helps to limit and avoid flare-ups, due to fat run-off, which are inevitable when grilling. Secondly, it helps to speed up the cooking process by acting like an oven, since it retains the maximum amount of heat.

Food cooked on the Weber Go-anywhere gas barbecue is always delicious and melt-in-the-mouth. An essential characteristic that will be appreciated by all four people he is able to feed.

What makes it so much better is that it can be used at any time. Since it runs on propane gas, it can withstand wind as well as cold temperatures as low as -40°. In fact, it is a luxury model, specially adapted for small occasions.

This unit is quick to turn on. It has a single adjustable stainless steel burner and two cooking modes Grill and Oven. The user’s safety is guaranteed thanks to the piezoelectric system which facilitates the ignition. In addition, it is also very easy to clean, which prolongs its life.

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