Cuisinart Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 Griddler – Test, buyer’s guide and price

In short:

Main advantage
The Griddler GR40E is more than just a meat grill. It is very versatile and can perform various functions in your kitchen. It can be used both as an electric grill and as a panini appliance.

Main disadvantage
The power of this device (1600 W) is considered quite light by some users. They’re having a hard time getting a perfectly grilled meat.


Like all classic meat grills, the The Griddler can handle the cooking of all kinds of meat, from the thickest to the thinnest. In its grill function, you can also use the electric barbecue to barbecue various vegetables to complete your menu.

But in addition to this primary function, this 2-in-1 device can also be used as a panini press. You don’t even have to change the plate. The toaster, as it is, can be used directly to make delicious paninis. You can also extend its use to the preparation of hot sandwiches such as croque-monsieur or madame. Toasting simple slices of bread is quite feasible.

If you are a waffle lover, you can still purchase the corresponding plates to install them on this machine.

Cooking surface

This model can be used in two different ways: closed or open.

In the first case, it is in press function and delivers heat simultaneously to each side of your piece of meat. Its cooking surface is 667 cm3. You can grill a good piece of pork, or a whole fish for example. The temperature can range from 65°C to 230°C. It is in this closed position that you can make paninis.

In “open” mode, the cooking surface is doubled. It then reaches 1334cm2, You will have all the leisure to make a barbecue or a plancha to seize or grill your ingredients. You can cook 6 medium-sized steaks at the same time or put the meat on one side and the various vegetables on the other. The thermostat can range from 90°C to 220°C.

The plates of this meat grill are made of cast aluminium for even heat distribution during cooking. They are covered with a non-stick material. This ensures that the food to be grilled does not stick to the surface and therefore leaves almost no residue. Cleaning of the unit will therefore be very easy.

Plates and other accessories are dishwasher safe. However, manual washing is just as effective and fast. A simple wipe with a soapy sponge is enough to remove the traces of the last cooking.

You should probably already know that the plates must be removed before washing. To do this, there is only a simple button to press. They can be detached and put back in place very easily.

The worktop requires no maintenance. Fat and cooking juices do not overflow but are perfectly collected by the Cuisinart The Griddler GR40E.

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