Top Infrared Grills of 2020 : reviews and shopper’s guide.

They are the new technology hype when it comes to grills and outdoor cooking. Should you buy one? Are they better than propane or charcoal grills? We have studied them carefully to give you an answer to these questions. To learn about the state of the art of the infrared grills, keep reading! You are up to a tasty journey.

What are the advantages of infrared grills?

Infrared grills are now available to everyone. In the past they used to be exclusively used by professional in restaurants or outside in events organization. Not anymore, they are now available to us, normal people and that is great. They are especially appreciated thanks to four main features:

  • Infrared grills deliver uniform heat. It means you won’t get hotspots and your food will get perfectly cooked.
  • They get hot more quickly than their propane and charcoal counterparts.
  • It is easier to get the right temperature.
  • As they involve less air convection to cook food, food will retain more moist and stay tender.

Those are pretty good points but infrared grills also have drawbacks. Here are some weaker points listed:

  • Infrared grills tend to be more expensive. It really depends on the model, but high end infrared grills are somewhat a professional tool, so price comes accordingly
  • Infrared grills are a bit more difficult to clean and to set up.
  • Infrared grills can be a little bit fragile, so if you plan on using it when you go camping, chose a stronger model that can withstand the challenge.

How to chose an infrared grill: they main points to pay attention to.

Heating area

To main points here. First the cooking surface. It depends on your need but you want the heating surface to be as adapted to your needs as possible. Too big, you will waste on energy (gas, electricity), too small you will end up cooking a long time to get food for everyone of your guests. The shape of the cooking area is also important but really depends on what you like and how you are used to cook.

Second, as one of the main benefits of infrared grills is the heat uniform distribution, you want to pay attention to the heat repartition of the grills. Not all grills are born equal to that aspect.

Easiness to use

As the use of the grill is often linked to a moment of relaxation and enjoyment, it is important that using your grill stays a pleasant moment. Some infrared grills can get complicated to use or to set up. Simplicity comes with less features but can be a good point when you chose your grill. In the following selection, we only selected simple to install grills.


Some grills are pretty impressive. If you suffer from shortage of space at home, be careful of the size of the grill. But size does not seem to matter a lot i terms of quality, we have selected some very good infrared grills which are not too big.

Type of grill

Three type of energy are available for infrared grills. You need to chose between electricity, propane and natural gas. We did not find a big difference in performances between those different types so chose the most convenient for your specific case.


Those high end grills can have interesting features that can simplify a lot your life. To our opinion an integrated thermometer and electronic ignition (for gas grills) are no-brainers. Side burners can be useful to keep your dishes warm or to cook vegetables and side dishes, but it comes at the price of size.

Top 7 infrared grills in 2020:

#1 Char-Broil Performance TRU-Infrared 450 3-Burner LP Gas Grill

#2 Ivation Propane Infrared Steakhouse Grill Broiler Heats to 1500°F

#3 Camplux Propane Infrared Steak Grill,1600℉ Fast Efficient Heating Outdoor Portable Gas Grill

#4 Magma Products Monterey 2 Infra Red, Gourmet Series Gas Grill

#5 GASPRO Multi-Tasking Propane Infrared Outdoor Cooking Master

#6 Dutton 2-in-1 Portable Gas Grill Steak + Pizza Propane Infrared Grill

#7 NORTHFIRE Propane Infrared Grill-Double, Inferno2, Silver


Infrared grills have very interesting features. They might not be for everyone but, don’t dismiss this option if you are looking for a good grill for this summer. They tend to be a little bit more expansive than other grills like charcoal or propane grill, but they deliver restaurant-grade performance. Check out our shortlist you will surely find the infrared grill that suits your need. If not, let us know!

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