TOP 5 electric smoker 2021 : buyer’s guide

Here is how to chose an electric smoker in 2021

Electric smoker have a lot of advantages onknown from most poeple. There easier to use, clean, set than their wood or propane counterparts. You don’t need to watch them constantly as there is now fire involved. But to our opinion, the main advantage is the precision of the cooking, especially their ability to deliver just the right temperature with the simple push of a button. If you are looking for a smoker, you definitely need to think of electric smokers as a very competitive choice.

Before getting to the list, let’s check out the main points you need to pay attention to when it comes to smokers and especially the electric type.

Weight and portability

You need to define if you need your smoker to be able to move with you or to stay in place in your patio or garden. Depending on the use you think you will have of the smokers, the best choice for you will be different. If you need the portability, weight is not the only key factor. You need to check if it has good wheels and handle, which are just as much important to portability as the weight of your electric burner.


Smokers are used outdoor. As a result, you need to pay attention to the quality of the materials and the build. Stainless steel and aluminium are great materials for bad weather, but the thickness of the metal used is also very important. Beware of light, very slim smokers are they are more prone to rust.

Easyness of use

When you use your brand new smoker, you want it to be easy and pain free. A good smoker is easy to set up, easy to arm up, easy to adjust. The controls is an important part of how easy the smoker is to use. All the smoker selected in this article have pretty decent controls, some are even Bluetooth connected, enabling you to monitor the cooking from your smartphone. Handy when you are paying with your kids at the other end of the garden!

Heating power

This is a point important if you want to cook in large quantities. A wide range of power exists for electric smokers, but don’t go below 750W or your cooking experience might suffer.

Best electric smokers 2020 : products reviews.

#1 Char-Broil Analog Electric Smoker


  • 544 Square inches of cooking space spread across three chrome-plated cooking grates
  • Double-wall insulated construction with dual exhaust ports
  • Door-mounted temperature gauge, and dual latches to keep door sealed shut
  • Front-access water tray, grease cup and wood chip tray
  • Measures 20.7 in W x 33.5 in H x 15 in D. 1, 000 watt electric element

The Char-Boil analog electric smoker is not the most complex smoker we reviewed, in fact it has less features than others, but what it loses in features, it wins back in simplicity and easiness of use. It is robust, build from high-quality, thick stainless steel.

Cooking is easy, as the Char-Boil smoker provides a lot of cooking surface over 3 cooking racks.

It is sufficiently powerful with 1000W of power, but it is not the most powerful smoker you will see. We regret the absence of a window to check on the food without having to open the door a loose a lot of heat in the process, but we like the thermometer, which is both accurate and well placed at the front of the smoker.

#2 LANDMANN 32954 Smoky Mountain 26″ Electric Smoker


  • New 3-in-1 combination tray for wood chip box, water pan and grease pan
  • Includes temperature gauge on door for optimum temperature control
  • Separate heating element & Removable variable temperature controller
  • 3 chrome plated steel cooking grates
  • Door includes adjustable door latch and viewing window
  • Includes rear damper port
  • Includes wrought iron side handles for easier transport
  • Adjustable feet for accurate leveling on uneven surfaces

Compared to the Char-Boil smoker, the LANDMANN is a little bit less well built to our opinion. It does not have internal insulation layers. On the good side, it has a glass window making it easy for you to check the food, the analog power control button is easy to use and works with good precision.

A big selling point is the great power the landmann is able to deliver. With 1500W, you will have plenty of power to cook anything very quickly.

With all those points in minds, we find the LANDMANN a very good solution for small budgets and beginners, who will find it a great tool to get started with mokers.

#3 Masterbuilt MB20075118 MES 340G 40-Inch SS 4-Rack Bluetooth Digital Electric Outdoor BBQ Smoker


  • BUILT-IN THERMOMETER: Built-in meat thermometer ensures excellent results each and every time
  • BLUETOOTH TECHNOLOGY: Bluetooth Smart technology lets you control cooking temperature, time, power on/off, operate light, and monitor meat temperature from your smart device or digital control panel
  • WOOD CHIP SYSTEM: Side wood chip loading system allows users to load wood chips without opening up the smoker door and releasing precious smoke
  • SPACIOUS SMOKER: Can hold up to 16 chickens or 8 racks of ribs or 8 pork butts or 4 turkeys; Total cooking area: 961 square inches
  • POWER TYPE: Electric; 1,200 watts

The Masterbuilt MB20075118 MES 340G 40-Inch SS 4-Rack Bluetooth Digital Electric Outdoor BBQ Smoker is a great smoker. Pricier than the first two electric smokers, it is an interesting product.

Because the Masterbuilt MB20075118 is pricier than all other electric smokers by a big margin, we believe it is not the best choice for a lot of our readers. But if money is not an issue. If your bank account is fat and juicy, don’t bother looking around. You just found the best smoker for its price.

Thanks to bluetooth connection, all the controls of the smokers are at your fingertips. The digital controls makes it very easy to pilot and set up. The materials are strong. The side wood chip tray is a nice feature so you can put more wood without the need of opening the door. This smoker is quite large. With a total of 961 sq. inch, you can smoke up to 16 chicken in one batch. No one eats that I ear. Yes, but sometime, you need that kind of power (parties, restaurant, cooking a lot and putting everything to the freezer).

We found the power of 1200 W a little bit to low for that size of smoker, but it is not a major issue.

#4 Bradley Smoker BTDS108P 990223 Bradley Digital 6 Rack Smoker

Exterior Dimensions (mm): 430W x 370D x 990H – 610W with Generator on side
Interior Dimensions (mm): 380W x 290D x 840HT
Smoking Area / Capacity: 673mm useable smoking height above drip tray 56250 cu cm
Cooking Surface: 2178 sq cm
Weight with packaging: 30 kg
Boxed Dimensions: 510W x 460D x 1070H

The Bradley Smoker BTDS108P 990223 Bradley Digital 6 Rack Smoker is the best and most expensive electric smoker of our list.

The Bradley Smoker is a unique smoke house.

I is sold complete with its smoke generator. An automatic flavour bisquettes dispenser which are burned for 20 minutes each. As a result, the internal temperature does not fluctuate. No more high temperature gases, acids and resins that pollute the delicate taste of the food. Thanks to the automation, the smoker is able to work for 9 straight hours without any intervention or supervision.

This smoker is also are able of both hot and cold smoking. Cold smoking is possible due to the way in which the smoke is generated.

The bisquette consumables are burned by a distinct electric element. Cooking and smoking heating elements are distinct on this semi-professional model so both cold and hot smoking are possible.

The Bradley smokers exist in various dimension. We tested the 6-rack models but if you don’t need that kind of capacity, you will be better of with the 4-racks model. This is a high end model, so if you are new to smoking food, chose the Char-Broil Analog Electric Smoker or the LANDMANN 32954 Smoky Mountain 26″ Electric Smoker. But if you already owned a smoker and enjoyed it and now you want to get to a whole new level, take a leap and buy the Bradley Smoker BTDS108P 990223 Bradley Digital 6 Rack Smoker. It is a choice you won’t regret.

#5 Cuisinart COS-330 Electric Smoker


  • This smoker is convenient and easy to use, great for beginners and seasoned smokers.
  • Simply plug it in, place your meat on the racks, set the temperature and let the smoker do its job
  • Features an easy-to-read thermometer on the front door that helps monitor the internal temperature
  • Light weight frame and two side handles for ease of mobility
  • 1500-watt heating element will produce a temperature from 100°F to 400°F

Cuisinart is a great name when it comes to cooking devices. If you are not convinced by the Char-Broil Analog Electric Smoker, the Cuisinart is a great alternative. It is very simple to use. It does not have fancy controls or any extra features but it does the job. It does not have a glass window which is comforting for non-confident beginners but it is still a very good choice for a first smoker purchase.

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