[fall 2021] Most beautiful Copper Fire Pit – Reviews and buyer’s guide.

Fire pits are intended to decorate as much as to heat. So you wanna get the most beautiful fire pit you can find for your outdoors. To that aspects, copper fire pits are a very good choice. We selected for you the finest copper fire pits, made from 100% pure solid copper. They all have in common to look great and to be of highest build quality. But they are a little bit different visually. A fire pit is really just a question of aesthetics, so check out the most beautiful copper fire pits we selected.

Best square fire pit : Titan 33” Square Solid 100% Copper Fire Pit Bowl Wood Burning 

The square design of the Titan Square fire pit is very special. You don’t see it in every backyard. It is not designed for small places. Its size makes it impressive at the first sight. It is 33 inch large, so it is one big fire pit. When burning at full power, you can feel the heat more than 10 feet away. The fire is at a perfect height for a comfortable evening. You can toast or just enjoy the fire while chatting, either way an evening with this fire pit is something very special. You will (and your friends) will remmeber it.

Build out of very strong and high quality copper and solid steel it will n withstand years of use and harsh weather. It comes with a spark screen which is very useful when you to be closer and a poker with wooden handle.

If the size is not good for you, other exists : 39” LW, 29” LW, 33” Square, and 40”

Best raw copper fire pit: Wood Burning Fire Pit by Sharelornsdstore

Dimensions :

Dimensions with spark screen: 29.75 diam. x 24H in.

Bowl: 27.5 diam. x 9D in.

This fire pit just looks amazing. Your fireside gathering will change forever when you get this amazing piece of copper. It has a great antic look thanks to its hammered copper. The copper bowl stands in a black steel support. It comes with a spark screen and a poker. And a protective cover is provided aswell to keep it safe, even if its sturdy build makes it strong enough to resist any kind of weather.

Best classic copper fire pit: Good Directions 771 Medium Copper Fire Pit


  • Hand hammered copper
  • Deep copper basin cradle wood or coal for a capitvating blaze
  • Bring warmth and comfort to backyard, beach or patio
  • Heavy-duty wrought iron stand and grate included
  • Hinged spark screen available as an accessory

The Good Directions 771 is an amazing rounded fire pit. A little bit more classy than the previous one, it really depends on the style of your house and your garden. If you have an old, more rustic styled kind of house, you might be better of with the Titan. But if your house is more modern, the good directions 771 is definitely a very good choice. The quality of the copper is eye catching. The shiny finish looks really good but is a little bit more fragile than the others. Please note that the spark screen, which open in half in an elegant way is sold separately. It weights 53 pounds and is 30 inches in diameter.

Are Copper Fire Pits Better?

I think we all want to know if the copper fire pit is better than, say a steel, cast iron, or brick fire pits. They all have their pros and cons. For many, the look of the copper fire pit is what’s going to make them want to buy one.

They will also not rust or break. Steel and cast iron will rust, so you’ll be combating the elements with those. And a brick fire pit would be more permanent, whereas a copper fire pit can be moved where ever people are gathering.

How to Clean a Copper Fire Pit

You can clean your copper fire pit either at “opening season” or after your fire pit season is over. You’d probably want to do the cleaning when the season is over so you can put it away easily. Your future self will thank you too.

  1. Clean out all the ash and debris. You can use most of the ash debris for composting if you’d like. If you don’t compost, you can still just dump it in a corner and it will be fine for your yard.
  2. Rinse it out a bit to get any extra soot out.
  3. Mix 3 cups of white vinegar and 1/4 cup of salt
  4. Add to empty bowl
  5. With a scrubby, start cleaning the bowl with your scrubby to get the tarnish off the copper bowl.

Maintenance Required

As mentioned above, the up-front cost isn’t the only point of concern with copper fire pits. The maintenance required is also higher than your standard steel fire pit. This is especially true if you want to keep the shiny exterior!

So, what maintenance is necessary for copper fire pits?

If you want to avoid the patina that eventually sets in, you’ll have to regularly perform the following:

  1. Completely dump the lingering ash, wood, charcoal, and creosote into a garbage bag or compost pile.
  2. For massive build-ups of creosote, use a mallet and putty knife to chip away at it.
  3. Using detergent and a clean rag, thoroughly scrub the inside of the copper fire pit.
  4. If soot remains caked on, grab commercial cleaner or lemon and salt. Apply to the impacted areas until the lingering debris is gone.
  5. Finally, use a chamois towel to polish the fire pit in a circular motion.

As you can see, there’s quite a bit more effort in keeping the copper fire pit clean as a whistle. But when you see flickering flames reflected off the shining surface, you’ll know why you put in the effort!

Do Copper Fire Pits Rust?

Copper fire pits will not rust! Only metals containing iron develop rust during oxidation. Instead of rust, the copper develops that green patina regularly found on pennies.

However, that green color takes up to 20 years to form!

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