Best garden led light 2021 – reviews and buyer’s guide

Everyone wants a beautiful garden. But there is a secret to make it a magical place at night few people know or take care of : lighting. A smart and well thought lighting can transform your regular garden into some resort-like marvelous place. So read along to know more about the next revolution in your garden.

What are the different types of garden lighting?

Energy source: wired or solar with battery?

This is the main choice when it comes to chose a good lighting kit for your outdoor space. The differences are pretty obvious but it is not bad to summarize it once and for all some place so:

Solar lights pros:

  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to move

Solar lights cons:

  • Might not get charged well depending on the weather conditions
  • The battery does not have an infinite lifespan.

Wired light pros:

  • Centralized : you get to light them all at once.
  • Infinite light time ( no battery whatsoever)
  • Tend to look better and be more powerful

Wired lights cons:

  • Less easy to install
  • Less convenient, you need to be careful not to shovel the wires for one (true story)

So when you decided which type of lights you will buy, let see how to install them.

How to properly install garden lights?

It depends! It depends on the lights type you just chose (told you it is an important choice!)

How to install solar powered lights?

We start with the easy. The only thing you need to think of in this case is the orientation of the solar cell embedded in the light. It needs to get as much light as you can provided throughout the day. It is really important that you think of it as the sum of light during the whole day. You might get light at the moment of installation but what about the rest of the day? So lookout to what might mask the sun during its day course. Are there trees, houses, rocks or plant that might hide the cell from the sun? You need to find a compromise between light (and so charge and so how long you will get lighting in the night) and placement/angle of the light.

How to install wired lights?

It is more work, it is more complicated, but you get to do thing in a better way. To make it easier on you we created a to do list to get it right:

1 – Draw a quick plan of your garden and where you want to put the lights. Put also there your source of electricity (be it a plug or a wire you can connect on)

2 – Add dimensions.

3 – Get you wire need and buy your lighting kit accordingly.

4 – Once you have received you kit, put the lights where they will be.

5 – Lay the wires on the path they will be. Not the shortest path but the final path.

6 – Use a shovel or a hoe to make a small trench of approximately 3 to 5 inch deep.

7 – Put the wire in the trench. Keep slack on both sides to make things easier. You can protect it with a plastic net if you think you might cut it unwillingly.

8 – Connect the lamp to the wire. Cut it to the right length.

9 – Connect the transformer to your power source.

10 – You are good.

The six best garden lighting kits as of 2020

Nekteck Solar Lights Outdoor LED Landscape Lighting 4 lights 200 Lumens Buy on amazon
VOLT Brass Spotlight Kit with Transformer 6 lights 400 Lumens Buy on amazon
GIGALUMI Solar Pathway Lights Outdoor 6 lights 10 Lumens Buy on amazon
LITOM 12 LEDs Solar Landscape Spotlights 2 lights 600 Lumens Buy on amazon
LEONLITE 8-Pack 3W LED Landscape Lighting Pathway 8 Lights 150 Lumens Buy on amazon

#1 Nekteck Solar Lights Outdoor LED Landscape Lighting


  • 4th Generation Solar Lights & Panel from Neckteck—The LED solar lights exploits the solar energy to its maximum so it can achieve 200 Lumen output. It is able to illuminate the pathways, walkways, driveway and your path to home for security aswell as your garden and trees.
  • Resistant for all kinds of atmospheric conditions. Nekteck solar lights can withstand winter and summer as it ensures long-lasting performance under all weather conditions
  • These lights offers two brightness lighting modes& Automatic Switch—4 LED bulbs offers 2 different working modes, allowing it to stay lit for 6-10 hours after full charge. With the adjustable sensor, the lights easily charge from the sunlight during the day and automatically turn the lights on at night. So your garden will get illuminated without the need of any action from your part
  • Both panel and light are adjustable making it easy to find the perfect illumination as well as the perfect sensor exposure.
  • Very easy to install. It is possible to put it on the ground or on the wall.

#2 VOLT Brass Spotlight Kit (6-Pack) with Transformer

This kit includes six high quality brass spotlight. It is made of strong material and looks very good. It is perfect for illuminating specific parts of your garden like tree or walls. It comes with 100 feet of cable which will be enough in almost every cases. But if you need more, any outdoor capable electric wire will work to give you the extra length needed.

The brass elements of this lighting kit have a great look and ensure durability as it will prevent any type of corrosion or rust.

VOLT is pretty sure about the quality of its product as it provides a lifetime warranty on brass fixtures, LED bulbs and transformer

#3 GIGALUMI Solar Pathway Lights Outdoor

  • High LUMENS: brighter than other LED lights. Each one of the solar-powered path light has a super-bright warm white LED lights for clear, brilliant illumination
  • Bronze finish: Great look to magnify the appearance of your garden
  • TIER RIPPLE GLASS LENS: Glass lens has excellent clarity. It provides a better impression of quality than plastic on most other pathway lights.
  • Easy to install. Ready to light your way right out of the box.
  • 10+ hours run time with full charge.
  • Durability: thanks to its strong build and materials. The GIGALUMI Solar Pathway Lights Outdoor will withstand the time and bad weather.

#4 LITOM 12 LEDs Solar Landscape Spotlights

  • 2 Brightness Lighting Modes(Always on): Low Light Mode(12hrs) / High Light Mode(6hrs). LITOM solar landscape spotlights can automatically detect changes in the brightness of the external environment. When the brightness is low enough to require illumination, it will automatically switch from energy storage mode to lighting mode without motion detection (Auto on at night / Auto off at sunrise).
  • Waterproof Technology: Made of high-impact ABS plastic and having been enormous technological breakthroughs in waterproof solutions, this solar lights kit have a unique IP67 waterproof design and can withstand any kind of condition.
  • Cool White Light Solar Spotlights: very bright 12 LEDs with ultra wide 120°Lighting Angle
  • The solar panelk is 90°Adjustable and quite big compared to other systems. As a result you get longer Working Time with the lithium rechargeable battery.
  • 2 Installation possibilitis: Stick into the ground with stakes or mount it on the wall. It is very ggod for Patio, Pool, Yard, Garden, Garage, Wall, Driveway, Pathway, Porch, Path, Deck or anything you might need to illuminate.
  • LITOM solar security wall lights have several patents and certifications. FCC, CE, RoHS, MSDS, UN38.3

#5 LEONLITE 8-Pack 3W LED Landscape Lighting Pathway

  • Durability : This light is made of rugged aluminum. The aluminium housing won’t rust and it also helps with the heat dissipation.
  • Waterproof: the light structure brings you waterproof performance. The LEONLITE 8-Pack 3W LED Landscape Lighting Pathway does not fear rain of any kind of bad weather.
  • Brightness: The light is beautifully build with luxury material and with powerfully illuminate your patio, lawn, and garden.
  • Quick and Easy Install
  • Energy, Eco-friendly and Economically smart: thanks to the LED technology, this lights will reduce your power costs as much as 88% compared to the equivalent light with incandescent technology
  • Security and quality: compatible with both AC & DC 12V low voltage. It means it is safe for people and pets.
  • Warranty: It also comes with a 5-year warranty. This lighting kit has a 50,000hrs ultra-long lifespan.

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