The best pizza ovens summer 2021 – full reviews and buyer guide

The summer is coming and with it all the outdoor pizza parties. The new pizzas oven offer bith great taste, seasiness of use and perfection of cooking. Just keep reading!

The usual way of cooking pizza was pretty obvious : start up the kitchen oven and wait for it to get hot. Not anymore. The new pizzas oven make it easier to get perfect pizzas in minutes. And pizza are healthy. Wait what? Yes, try a vegetable-rich home made pizza recipe what do you get? Vegetables, tomato, flour, cheese (not too much of that). Pizza are healthy done the right way. But for it to be perfect, you need a good pizza oven.

How to chose a pizza oven?

What are the different types of pizza oven?

There are at least 4 different types of pizza oven you can buy:

  • Pizza deck ovens
  • Conveyor pizza ovens
  • Pizza convection ovens
  • Brick ovens

Among those, the brick pizza ovens are the most traditional and therefor the highest quality ovens you can get, but they are often more expensive and less easy to use and install. They also need a long time to get hot and stay hot long after you stop heating them.

Oven size:

Be careful not to get a too big oven. Bigger oven takes more time to get hot and because of that tend to cost more on electricity bill or gas.

Insulation of the oven

Insulation is very important to the final result. Well insulated ovens are better but often more expensive. Ovens with small doors and not very wide are good as don’t let a lot of cold air in.

Best pizza oven for camping : Omnia Oven

It’s not an oven. But this smart little thing can make any burner, grill, … into a very decent pizza oven for a reasonable price. You can cook pizza, cakes, brownies, casseroles, potatoes, nearly anything you normally bake in your recgular kitchen oven.

This a great way to get some variety when camping, because, yes, you can get bored of grilled meat and fish after two without anything else.

Any type of heat will do: gas, electric, camp stove, infrared. It’s also known as the wonderpot. No wonder why. So check out now the Omnia Oven if your going camping in the near future. You won’t regret it.

Best pizza oven for charcoal/pellets grills : only fire Stainless Steel Pizza Oven

The only fire Stainless Steel Pizza Oven is made of highest quality stainless steal with a double wall ceiling enabling it to retain effectively the heat. The conception is sturdy but very easy to install and to use. Thanks to its pizza stone, the pizza will be perfecty baked and just crispy.

It converts your kettle grill into a pizza oven in just minutes. It works with almost any charcoal barbecues in the market provided they are at least 22 inch wide. Used on charcoal or pellet grill you even get the professional wood-fired taste you usually only get in pizza places.

One small but significant detail : the thermometer. Very useful to get exactly the right temperature we found it pretty accurate and this is one of the reasons we really liked this model.

Best electric pizza oven : Breville Smart Oven Pizzaiolo

The Breville Smart Oven Pizzaiolo is a smart addition to your kitchen. It’s not unexpensive but we believe it is worth the price.

First it is beautiful. Almost professional, I can definitely be used in a restaurant. It is powerful, easy to clean, sturdy, build with profession material. All of that, along with the renowed Breville brand explain a pretty huge price tag. But after the first impression, you get to go deeper. And the good keeps flowing.

The compact stainless steel fits in almost all kitchen, transforming instantly your kitchen into something more expert.

But it not only looks professional. It is a a very tech savvy tool. First, thank to a combination of sensors and deflector, it is able to similutate a full fledged wood-burning oven so your pizza is perfectly cooked. Second it has what Breville call an active deck heating whose goal is to cook the bottom of the pizza just as a brick oven would do. Third, they use radiant heat with parabolic reflectors to get intense direct heat. This is the only domestic oven to be able to reach an impressive 750°F so you will cook amazing pizza in minutes.

If money is not an issue for you. You won’t find a better pizza oven than the Breville Smart Oven Pizzaiolo

Best real wood-burning pizza oven : Chicago Brick Oven Wood-Burning Outdoor Pizza Oven, CBO-500

Last but not least a true wood-burning pizza oven. Nothing much to say, this is the real deal. It’s almost exactly the oven you would find in Italy in traditional pizza places.

It’s build to stand outdoor. So it’s strong and will last without the slightest doubt. The interior build out of refractory bricks is able to generate temperatures up to 1.000°F. It can bake anything your kitchen oven is able to bake but with extra wood taste which is pretty magical. Turkey, bread, chicken, fish, steaks, vegetables, cookies, it’s up to your imagination.

If you want to impress your kids and your friends, have amazing parties and makes them live an outstanding experience, you will want to make this investment and turn you garden into a small place of heaven, where perfect pizzas are baked.

If so just check out the Chicago Brick Oven Wood-Burning Outdoor Pizza Oven, CBO-500 and enjoy.


A pizza oven is a great way to change the way you cook pizza. It really changes the taste of this monument of American culture. If you want to have professionally cooked pizza at home, go ahead and chose one of our reviewed models. It is a safe bet, we guarantee!

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