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Type of Carrier & License Plate Holder

License Plate Holder: It is essential that members and security forces of the State are well idents, if at any time. For this reason, police and security accessories such as license holders or License Plate Holder are so necessary. So you can carry your police badge, military badge or Private Security badge along with the rest of the documents. Do you know all the types that exist?

License Plate Holder

The police and members of the State security are 24 hours a day. The end of your working day does not imply that at any moment any incident may arise for which you have to be prepared and, of course, identified. For this identification, our police and security teams have very simple and comfortable police accessories to transport, but also very necessary: the carriers and license plate holders. Today Shoke Store we are going to talk about the different types that exist and their characteristics so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Let us begin!

License Plate Holder

Portacarnets and plate holders: what should I keep in mind?

The plate: the plates that use the different safety equipment are not the same. So, why should the carrier and license plate holders be? In Shoke we have a wide variety of License Plate Holder, so you can find the police accessory that best suits your type of license plate. For example, if you work as a national police, you can opt for a book-type porta carnet with a perfect opening for your badge. If you like this model, but you get stuck as a local policeman, we also have an ideal model for you: the 803 model carrier. However, these are just two examples, because in Shoke you can find portfolios adapted not only for the local and national police, but also firefighters, judicial experts or detectives among others.

Where do you want to transport your license plate?

Another of the things you have to keep in mind when choosing your porta carnet or porta planet is where you want to carry it. Many people choose to wear their visible plaque when they are on duty and hide it in their moments of rest. That’s why you can select a solid body plate for a belt or neck that helps you always to be visibly identified at work. And opt for a porta carnet-portfolio to keep your license plate when you’re out of service.

What kind of portfolio do you like

Just like the porta carnets are adapted to the type of badge, they also adapt to the tastes of the police and security forces. In Shoke Store, you can find different models of cardholders, such as book-type models in horizontal or book-type porta carnets in vertical. However, there are people, especially policewomen, who are looking for bigger license plates that are also purses. If this is your case, one of our best models is this porta carnet with purse and white thread that in addition to bringing a bag, it can transport up to three different cards. On the opposite side, there are people who prefer something more straightforward and look for License Plate Holder like this one with brass tips.

These three characteristics are essential when choosing your porta carnet or portulacas, however, there are other things that you should keep in mind. All our porta carnets are made of leather, which allows a better finish and a longer life. Also, all these are customizable products, so if you want to make your carport much more personal, you can request it at Shoke Store, and we will take care of everything.